Cohuna Garden Lovers’ Club

Cohuna Garden Lovers’ Club is unable to meet because of lockdown. This page will allow us to share what we have been up to in our gardens. Normally we meet monthly, on the second Friday, of the month at 1.13 pm in the Council Meeting Room.

For more information contact Carol Hall or via the comments below.

Members please email a jpg image to

From Carol 22 September 2020. Wisteria. She says the perfume is lovely, every time she opens the door.

From Carol September 16th 2020. She shifted this crab apple in winter and was so pleased to see it blossom.

From Carol September 13th 2020. Carol has been arranging a vase of flowers each Sunday during lockdown. Here is today’s. She has managed to grow sweet peas this year for the first time and couldn’t help picking them. Also in the vase are white valerian, and some purple eremophila. They smell lovely.

From Carol September 11th 2020. “A Rock Lily (dendrobium speciosum ) is a small orchid native to Australia, found growing on rocks in southern half of eastern coast. It flowers in spring with sprays of graceful blooms. This one originated from my mother in law and I have had it for 40 years, growing in pots.” Absolutely beautiful.

From : Christine R. This is my Japanese hybrid which has just flowered for the first time in two years. It does not like to get wet. It has some browning but is still a lovely flower.

From Carol H : This is clematis (old man’s beard) growing up a veranda post out the front. It is a native plant (Clematis Macrophylla) that usually grows in bushland, climbing up trees. I purchased it at Murrabit Market 2018. I was very excited to see it flower.

From Glenys M : This cheeky little nasturtium was self sown in my garden.