Pink Mystery

I had no idea what this flower is. Thanks to Agata 40thousandkm for identifying it as a forest lily (veltheimia bracteata)…

It’s in a pot and there is only one flower stalk.

It is swelling and the bells are starting to open up.

I wonder whether it will ever be all opened up. I’ll keep watching.

Cactus Macro

It was fascinating. But I was worried that when concentrating and looking through the view finder, I might not be able to judge my distance away from this prickly character. Especially with the new tube attached making the lens longer.

I’m still learning to manipulate the functions of my camera, (despite having had it for years). I must have got over enthusiastic, because this shot (below) was, I admit, totally accidental. I wish it wasn’t! It’s just a double exposure, but to me it looks like little satellites surround the plant.

This shot is effective in black and white. Those thorns are sharp. I think I got a few in focus.

Waiting for it to bloom.

My pink daphne ready to bloom in Spring.

Taken on my iphone SE (2nd gen) f/1.8 1/20 sec ISO 640

I took a few shots of this flower. Against the darker background the flower seems much more dramatic. With a white background the flower seems more delicate. I didn’t plan the shots, I was just experimenting. Next time I take a photo, it will be a much more conscious consideration.

The white background was taken indoors. I lit it up with my iphone. I am finally realising that it is worth the effort to get out the tripod to get a crisper photo! I’m still working on my focusing skills. I should have persevered and taken more.

Taken on my Canon EOS 600D 55 mm f/5.6 1/60 sec ISO 400

For Cee Neuner’s FOTD