About Me

My studio

…….is up in my attic. I’ve been making things ever since I can remember. Knitting, sewing clothes, patchwork quilts and wall hangings- when I ran out of beds for the quilts, and cloth dolls. When the sun shines I love to get outdoors in my not-very-well-manicured garden.

I live on a farm in Patho, in Northern Victoria, Australia, close to the Murray River. The nearest towns are 35 kilometres away. My farm is small by local standards, only 80 acres. Before the last drought it was a dairy farm, but now we grow lucerne. It is surrounded by a wonderful wetland area; a lagoon and channels. Despite this we’ve only averaged 9 inches of annual rainfall for the last two years. My garden’s first priority is survival. Everything else is a bonus!!

I began this blog in the midst of the Covid lockdown. My focus is my life where I live: the natural environment, my garden and my creative activities. I find it uplifting to find and photograph things that I enjoy. I am lucky that being isolated on a farm, I have plenty to explore. My love for photography expands with each day.

I use my old camera, a Canon EOS600D and sometimes snap away with my iphone. My latest acquisition is a telephoto lens that I am still learning how to control.

Thank you for your interest.