Swan babies

My daughter, Hannah noticed the new ones as she was driving up the road. She phoned and I ran out with the camera and took these as they were almost out of sight. Hopefully mopst will survive. I plan to keep an eye on them.

Swan from a different angle

I found some swans in a little channel that abounds the farm. I watched them for ages while they posed. I was pleased to photo them in more unusual poses, rather than floating serenely by. Here’s one, standing on one leg, all fluffed up from the back and with a bendy neck.

Looking for Ducks

It’s mid-summer and not as many birds seem to be around, so we went off driving looking for a duck to photograph.

Eventually, we found one and some of its mates. It’s interesting that they are not the same type. There are a few wood ducks among the brightly colored lot, Australian Shelducks.

There was even a swan or two floating around. The ducks suddenly looked keen for a swim.

Just put a toe in first.

OK this one’s in a hurry. Watch out below.