My Abutilon

were grown from tiny cuttings. They struggled to survive the summer, even though they were watered well. While in my very damp glasshouse they thrived, but they didn’t like being moved out. They’re starting to look a little happier now. And so they should.. mid winter.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge

These just appeared

In my garden

I think they are puffball mushrooms. When I disturbed this one it exploded and an amazing puff of a fine black dust, (spores) came out. The outer layer is quite hard. The big one is about 3 inches in diameter. They are a few of them in the garden bed.

Next time I go near them I might have my camera ready to get a shot of an ‘explosion’. I think the smaller ones might need to grow some more first. Wait and see.

For Cee’s Flower of the day FOTD Challenge


Rain is forecast tomorrow. The clouds are building up in the sky. You can feel it in the air. At last! Our neighbours and ourselves have been scurrying about, finishing the last of the autumn tasks, before the rain and therefore lack of access due to wet paddocks.

We’ve been burning cutting some wood for winter and burning the rubbishy sticks left over.

So it inspired me to play around with an abstract photo, that reflected the colours of my day. Here it is. The last of the autumn blooms, in burning colours.

Also for Cee’s Flower of the Day (FOTD) Challenge

Asparagus in Autumn

I can’t wait for the spring rains that bring up wonderful asparagus spears for the family to enjoy. We are lucky because , for whatever reason, it grows wild along the track that is our road, and we have some secret spots that we carefully tend over winter.

Right now you can see the tell tale red seed /berries that reveal the location of asparagus ferns. They’re rather beautiful just as ferns. You can see other images of the asparagus plants here.

Can’t wait for springtime.

Autumn sunnies

It’s Autumn here and a second crop of sunflowers has emerged from Summer’s seeds dropped in the garden. Just one freak flower has bloomed and look at it. I think it has been attacked by the birds! The temperatures are dropping each day and some chance for rain is finally forecast. I wonder if there will be any more flowers???


I love the smell of Lantana. I also love the flowers. In Australia it’s widely regarded as a nasty invasive weed. No wonder. Mine has just exploded with growth. It’s huge. I have only one plant and it hasn’t spread to anywhere nearby. I Prune it savagely to keep it under control. It’s well away from livestock. Apparently its poisonous. How can something so beautiful, have so many negative aspects?

For Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge (FOTD)