The sun is out, the sky is blue

…….And I have LAVENDER for you

Remembering the song Dear Prudence by the Beatles. It’s stuck in my head; 4 chords in an endless progression.

The sun is out today and I’m looking forward to spring weather. The gardening basket is ready.

PS….Did you know it’s World Photography Day today?


It’s Autumn, although it’s still hot and humid. The flowers are starting to show their beauty.

Barely surviving.. or not

I’d love to boast about my green thumb, but the pics tell a different story. I’ve already admitted that I have been neglecting my plants lately, but they’ve really suffered at the expense of the heat and me spending time off-farm. From my glasshouse… Iove the colours but me thinks it doesn’t bode well.

Cactus confusion..


The summer weather has finally arrived. All my garden is suddenly drying out and no amount of water seems to help.