Swan babies

My daughter, Hannah noticed the new ones as she was driving up the road. She phoned and I ran out with the camera and took these as they were almost out of sight. Hopefully mopst will survive. I plan to keep an eye on them.

The sun is out, the sky is blue

…….And I have LAVENDER for you

Remembering the song Dear Prudence by the Beatles. It’s stuck in my head; 4 chords in an endless progression.

The sun is out today and I’m looking forward to spring weather. The gardening basket is ready.

PS….Did you know it’s World Photography Day today?


Took some photos of this bird this morning on my camera. Hope they were good. I’ll have to wait until I go home to see

Making music

I’m hoping to foster some interest in playing music in my town. So, I put some instruments in the shop window and a sign offering free lessons. This morning I gave my first free lesson to a lady who had an old 4 string banjo. I quickly googled the tuning and tuned it up for her. Sounded amazing! We sat together and she began to remember chords she’d learnt a long time ago. She was so excited about it all, it made my day. She went off to practice. Can’t wait till she returns!

Gift Fair

I spent a few enjoyable days in Melbourne at a trade fair, looking at possible stock for my shop. I rarely visit the city. It’s a different world to where I live.