Creek tracks

Winter is here. At the beginning of winter the creeks and lagoon levels are lowered. This creek is one of the boundaries to my farm. There is only a trickle flowing back into the lagoon. The birds seem to enjoy the fish that are caught in the little pools.

Looking more closely, somethimg made this track up the creek. Maybe a turtle.

There’s something in here causing this ripple. I didn’t stay long enough to find out. My light was fading.

It was starting to get dark and the tree stumps were taking on some eerie shapes.

Long neck…

An Australian definition of a long neck : (Noun) A 750ml bottle of beer. Example: I’m going to sink a few long necks with my mates.

Here’s another sort of long neck my husband spied and photographed today.

Here’s the underside.

Because we’re surrounded by water, it’s not the first one we’ve noticed. We posted some pics of another turtle a while back. In the water, (click here) and another one digging a hole (click here). This one was also digging a hole in the paddock.

Pelicans landing in the water

I posted some fights of some Pelicans that Audrey said resembled jumbo jets in the air. I have to agree.

However I have a few other flight angles here to compare.

This one at full stretch, dainty, almost elegant

This one’s landing successfully, easing on to the water with a splash

This one, watch out, I’m coming down. for a tight landing. Miss the tree, miss the stumps, miss my friends They don’t look all that phased.

Bird Song

Love this simple song by Bob Marley

Rise up this morning
Smiled with the rising sun
Three little birds

Rufous Whistler. Acclaimed for its song

Pitch by my doorstep
Singing sweet of songs


Of melodies pure and true
This is my message to you-ou-ou


Singing don’t worry about a thing