Long neck…

An Australian definition of a long neck : (Noun) A 750ml bottle of beer. Example: I’m going to sink a few long necks with my mates.

Here’s another sort of long neck my husband spied and photographed today.

Here’s the underside.

Because we’re surrounded by water, it’s not the first one we’ve noticed. We posted some pics of another turtle a while back. In the water, (click here) and another one digging a hole (click here). This one was also digging a hole in the paddock.


We’ve just sown in some seed and my husband came rushing in, telling me to get the cameras, there was a turtle in the back paddock. It must have been attracted by the water and decided to lay some eggs. We took some photos from a distance being careful not to disturb her. My husband made a great effort to lie in the mud to get a shot. Perhaps the turtle thought that to be normal behaviour, because it wasn’t bothered.


I was focused on a bird, when I noticed what I thought was a stick move in the water. He looked at me and I quickly swung the camera around and ‘klicked’ just before he disappeared again.

This might be a friend of his. It was about a month ago. It was just starting to rain a little when my husband spotted him by the edge of the water.

I didn’t have my ‘big’ lens but managed to get quite close to him before he shrank back into his shell.

At least he stayed dry inside his shell.

Taken today

Today was hot and humid. Most of the wildlife was quietly at rest, finding places to cool off. The pelican seemed happy just to cool off in the shallows.

It took me a while to realise this cockatoo was sitting above in the leaves just keeping an eye on me.

The duck also happy to sit around in the lagoon.

The turtle was just surfing, waiting for a wave that wouldn’t eventuate.

The hawk was just not bothered and keeping a wary eye out.