Autumn sunnies

It’s Autumn here and a second crop of sunflowers has emerged from Summer’s seeds dropped in the garden. Just one freak flower has bloomed and look at it. I think it has been attacked by the birds! The temperatures are dropping each day and some chance for rain is finally forecast. I wonder if there will be any more flowers???

Back in Lock Down.

My state is in Lock Down again. Here’s what I did the house last time, planted some sunnies.


I used to have a row of very overgrown agapanthus out the front of my house. They came out, (with an excavator) and I grew some sunflowers.


The sunflowers grew very well, taller than I had envisaged.

Shared with Cee’s Flower of the Day (FOTD) Challenge


There are so many stages of a sunflower’s growth. Nature forms the most beautiful patterns and structures in something as simple as a single flower.

Another Sunflower

I hadn’t realised the different characteristics that these flowers could take on. This is a ‘Fluffy’ one.

It’s very hot here now. Hovering around 40 degrees C. for days now. My sunflowers are struggling bravely in the heat, but the constant heat takes a toll.