500 posts. My sincere thanks to all of you who follow my blog. I feel like I’m getting to know you from following your blogs. I especially like the photos that have transported me to other places, while being in this seemingly interminable Lockdown.

This will be the 501st post. I hope that my posts aren’t getting stale. I have to say that I have enjoyed the experience. I’ve tried to post every day. Sometimes that has meant that I’m late into the night before I find something appropriate. Even though I have photographed so many birds and flowers, I have tried to find different aspects in my photography. My focus until now has been to take my photos very close to home, mostly around the farm. Now that Covid restrictions are easing, I might try to go further afield. Or maybe not.

Today I have two photos of lavender that grows in my garden. I have another lavender that grows prolifically. These two are smaller varieties I bought as small plants. Like most plants in my garden they’re the survivors. They have struggled through tough times. If I had to say which I liked best I couldn’t. The pale one is more fragile. The brighter one is more striking. My preference seems to depend on my mood.

It’s cold tonight

Zero degrees, or less, is predicted. It’s already very chilly. Just enjoyed an outdoor hot tub which was even more appreciated because grandson no 2, (who lives with us) took it upon himself to collect the wood and keep a fire going all day, by himself, so we could enjoy it. Thank you lockdown. The g’kids have time off school to be helpful.

If I was a pelican, I would be enjoying this sheltered spot, cozying up with a friend. Like this.

Looking back and forward

What a beautiful Easter break here

Warm sunshine and balmy evenings

I often feel sad when I feel the soft breeze on such a day

Exactly the same feeling as the day my mother passed away

At this time, that seems like only yesterday.

Feeling the loss

Feeling fragile myself, but comforted by the thought that this might well be my son on his way south to visit.

The Back Lagoon

Anyone who is following my blog should realise that most of my photos are taken somewhere on my 80 acre farm. I am lucky to live is a unique wetland environment, in a very dry country. My farm is surrounded be waterways, either lagoons or channels. These pics were taken at the back of my farm directly adjacent to a lagoon.

The baby birds in the previous posts live in a tree down here. The thistles are weeds but quite picturesque.

At the moment pelicans and ducks seem to have taken up residence. Just around the corner I counted over 40 ibis.

Gum trees grow along the banks.

I couldn’t get any closer to this chap. He was watching me take photos from a distant tree.

It’s a totally isolated spot. No one else ventures here. There are some neighbours on the other side of the water. I love the peace and quiet. Even the weeds look picture perfect.

My beautiful weeds for Cee’s Flower of the Day (FOTD)

Fluffy young ones

I found these little ones hiding in a tree at the back of the farm. I think I surprised the two below. They didn’t seem to be fully awake for their photo!

They weren’t really energetic at all! They might not have seen a human before.


This is a strange little red flower. I planted some dahlia seeds and some stunted little plants have struggled to survive.