When I was a kid….

That was a long time ago. As I was processing this photo I had sudden vivid memories of the swap cards we used to collect. I had very few and each one was precious. Others I knew had hundreds. They were just cards with random photos. I loved them. I remember some were in ‘pairs’ and when these two photos appeared side by side on my screen, I was reminded of ‘pairs’. I think I even had some bird cards.

Just a bird

I’m camping and have very minimal internet. At least I have a chance to look at some photos I took before we set off. I rather like this drab colored bird, so here it is.

Thank you to Charlotte for identifying it as a Grey Shrike Thrush.

I wonder what’s happening at home.

I took the opportunity for a few days away in a caravan, after the last lockdown and perhaps before the next. (although I’m hoping there won’t be a ‘next’). Before I left I was very excited to see, not one, but two nests on the lagoon, about a tree away from where they were last year. Last year I followed some darter babies as they grew up. (Search for darter on this blog)

I have so many questions. Is it the same bird? Will she lay eggs again? Has she already? I didn’t want to spend too much time taking photos because I didn’t want to scare her away.

Stay tuned…. we’ll see what happens when I get back.

Two entertaining Spoonbills

I was very excited when I found these two Spoonbills chilling out in a place nearby where I could spy on them. I wish I could talk bird. I watched these two for ages (expect a lot of pictures!). They were probably discussing the fishing. I thought they were going to both dive in the water. I had my fonger on ready to snap the moment. It was ready set … BUt then one seemed to think better of the idea and they relaxed again.

My place

We have a lagoon out front. The water level has fluctuated because the water is used for irrigation. In winter it was dropped, but it has now been raised again ready for a thirsty summer. There are some little pools that have been replenished. The birds, seem to especially enjoy them. The fish must get caught up. I noticed swans and pelicans sharing yesterday, but was too slow with the camera.

I’m so excited. Last year I followed some darters as nested by the edge of the creek and raised their babies. They’re back! At least some darters have been contructing nests in roughly the same place. There are at least two nests. They may or may not be the same birds. I’m reluctant to take photos yet because I don’t want to disturb them. I’ll wait until they setttle in.