Getting closer

The flood waters are approaching. This is not a lake, it’s someone’s paddock. The birds are loving it, and the fish, that are being swept along. 25 truck loads of gravel were added to the road, but it’s steadily being washed away. The water coming along behind stretches many, many kilometres. My house is ahead and to the left exactly where the water is going, but still a few kilometres away. It’s midway between here and the mighty Murray river. The Murray is flooding Echuca now, breaking all sorts of records, and it’s estimated to be maybe 48 hours before it gets to us.

It’s frightening, but beautiful.

Davis Rd Patho

Sand bags

Here’s hoping if the worst eventuates we can slow down the water and keep it to a minimum indoors. We’re on a watch and act warming for a major flood, we’ll stay here unless we’re told to evacuate. Hopefully, the levee will hold and the water will. flow on by.

My driveway

My driveway is usually so dry, it’s like concrete. I’m congratulating myself on backing the van through this, closer to the house. Evidence of my burgeoning backing skill can be seen in the tracks. Back, forward, back, for… etc