Water tank

In my backyard I have an old concrete water tank that supplies my drinking water. Its other purpose is home to my climbing roses. When we run out of rain water a very brave water delivery man must meet the challenge of climbing the tank and finding the inlet opening. I often have a difficult choice; water or roses. I generally, and very reluctantly, take pity and prune out a gap.

Today it was windy. Actually that is an understatement; it was blowing a gale. I managed to take some pictures of the roses, but they were being blown around by the wind.

Both the red and white roses are old fashioned singles. Their beauty is pure and simple. Their perfume is heavenly.

Sadly the white rose puts on a magnificent show but it is only fleeting. It only blooms for a very short period of time. The red rose keeps producing flowers for much longer.

Saying goodbye to winter

Today marks the start of the last week of winter. The wintry weather is persisting, but I’m looking forward to the start of Spring.

Yesterday I took some pictures from my upstairs window and noticed a little dot of colour down below in a pot. It was a bit of a mystery. Being winter here, there’s not much of this colour in my garden at all. So I braved the cold to investigate.

It was a rose flower that has clung on since I pruned them last. At that time I couldn’t bear to nip off the final rose. Looking more closely, it was a fairly battered about, missing a few petals and looked a bit wind blown. With the arctic ‘breeze’ this week, I have to say I’m surprised it had any petals at all.

I’m awaiting the time when it has new blooms so that I can share them.

Also for Cee Neuner’s Flower of the Day Challenge (FOTD)