Life is looking up. Lockdown 6 has been cancelled due to no cases of Covid in regional Victoria. I was out fighting my climbing roses, all day, totally oblivious of any news. It’s so good, the roses pruned back and I can travel around taking photos again!!

Wandering around my garden, I was thrilled to see the first sign of spring. A poppy has arrived, unannounced, It was hiding in a little wild patch of mostly self sown flowers from last year.

Pink Galah

Yesterday was a magical day. The rain eased up and the birds came out. They all seemed happy to pose.

I saw these two high up in a tree after quite a while wandering around taking photos. I was almost too weary to stop. Glad I did. I’m proud of this photo, especially because it was hand held.

Lockdown 5 completes a ‘perfect’ day

….i won’t bore you with the details…. wishing i could escape reality….rewind…..start it over…..take a different path……

……. it’s a little surreal…..going nowhere…..no-one in sight

…..going kinda crazy………

….is it true about lights and tunnels?……..hope so……starting to have doubts……

and now….LOCKDOWN….again

…still thinking about an image to use here….suggestions?


Maybe it’s easing up. Away from home. Hunkered down inside. Raining outside. No photography for me today.

Travelling around

Such a contrast and not 50 km apart. We drove throughout The Little Desert, south of Nhill and stayed overnight in a small town in a misty hollow called Harrow. We were the only travellers there, very peaceful.

Mobile vs PC

Are you looking at this on a phone or a pc? Answer in the comment section. Just “pc” or “phone” will do.

If you’re still reading this I’ll explain.

In a few days, I will have been blogging for a whole year. I’ve really enjoyed it. I have published over 352 posts and I have no intention of stopping. I’d like to improve my blog so I thought I’d pose a few questions over a few posts to help. For instance I have a suspicion that some parts of my blog aren’t working. Your help will be appreciated.