Close up Artichokes

While I enjoy eating artichokes, I enjoy their color and shape even more. They grow in my garden visible from the street and passer-bys have been know to enquire as to why I would grow ‘thistles’ in my garden.

What a gorgeous color contrast the red bug and vibrant purple flower.

Even before they reveal the amazing purple, they are striking.

And of course, the bees appreciate them too, hiding deep inside or buzzing around the flowers.

Blowing in a gentle breeze

I have a new zoom lens for my camera that I haven’t mastered yet. These were taken as I was wandering around my garden.

Just when I was learning to lower the f stop to blur the background, I was surprised that the first two photos were f/13. I like the softness of these two photos. The background blurs out.

The lens is so heavy. My arms ache. I’m starting to build up my muscle strength by carrying it around. There was a little camera shake, but I really tried to stay still. I’m also learning it pays to drag the tripod along with me too!