Bird List

I thought it might be interesting, (if only for me), to keep track of the birds I’ve managed to take photos of and include links to the page.

Bee Eaters Bee Eaters In the Air

Bee – eater

Black Fronted Dotterel Black Fronted Dotterel

Blue Faced Honey-eater Blue Faced Honey eater

Bower bird Look what I found

Crested pigeon Grey Birds

Watch the Birdie

Darters The Darter Babies have left the Nest

Darter Babies Growing Up

Darter Babies Feeding

Teenage Darter

The Darter Family

Long Legged Bird

It’s a Darter

Day Out for the Camera


Australian Shelduck (?) Duck in a Gum Tree

Majestic Mallards

Australian Wood Ducks Weir Ducks

Pacific Black Duck Black or Brown Duck

On the Lagoon Today

Do I Have A Blue Spot?

Plumed Whistling Duck Whistling Duck

Great Cormorants Great Cormorants

On A Rainy Day in Summer

Grey Strike Thrush Ball of Fluff

Guinea Fowl Happy New Year

Now You See Me, Now..

Ibis Back Home

Ibis Rookery

Resting Ibis

Kookaburra Kookaburra

Little Pied Cormorants Baby Little Pied Cormorants

Long-billed Corella Long Billed Corella

Magpies Magpies

Co-existing by the Water’s edge

Masked Lapwing Masked Lapwing (Black Shouldered)

Noisy Miners Two Little Birds Co-existing by the Water’s Edge

Grey Birds

Watch the Birdie

Peaceful Dove Peaceful Dove

Pelican As We Head into the Forties

Plumed Whistling Duck Plumed Whistling Duck

Floating Around on the Water

Taken Today

Day Out for the Camera

On a Rainy Day in Summer

Raven Mulberry Thief.

Red Browed Finch Red Browed Finch

Red Rumped Parrot Red Rumped parrot

Spinifex pigeon Pigeon

Swamp Hens Swamp Hens

Another Swamp Hen

Swans Swans passing by

Whistling Kite Bird of Prey Whistling Kite

White Faced Heron White Faced Heron

White Faced Heron

White Winged Chough White Winged Chough Nest

Yellow-bellied Spoonbill Yellow-bellied Spoonbill(1)

Yellow-Billed Spoonbill (2)

Yellow Crested Cockatoo Almost Didn’t See you There

Pretty Pest

Yellow Rosella Yellow Rosella

Other Wildlife

Alpaca New Neighbour

Australian Admiral Butterfly Australian Admiral Butterfly

Dragonfly Anything that Flies

Emu Emu

Ferrets Ferretting

Goanna Goanna

Koala Koala

A Shy Koala

Lizard Life in Color Brown

Platypus It’s A Platypus in the Wild

Rabbits Who’s Hiding There

Eye Spy

Day Out for the Camera

Turtle post Post Christmas Slump



Water Rat On a Rainy Summer Day