Black-fronted Dotteril

This bird is sometimes called a Black-fronted Dotterill. I found it poking along in the muddy edge of a lake at Wooroonook, in Central Victoria, Australia, while I was out camping for the weekend..

It runs along and stops very suddenly. I found it difficult to get it in focus because of all the sudden movement Busy little thing.

For Lisa’s Bird Weekly Challenge. I’m just learning to take photos of birds. I find it so much more difficult when the subject keeps moving!! At least flowers don’t fly off on you when they realise you are there. But there is a great feeling of achievement when I can actually recognise a bird in the shot. I have so much respect for the skills of bird photographers… and I will keep trying to improve mine.

6 thoughts on “Black-fronted Dotteril

  1. Somehow this got past me & my alerts. So sorry I didn’t respond sooner. What a beautiful little plover! They do move quickly, don’t they? 🙂 I would take you are doing just fine taking bird photos. Flowers do move when there is a 15-20 mph wind and you are trying to capture it. LOL! Been there, done that!


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