Travelling Around.

How wonderful to be able to hitch up the Avan and go off camping. This isn’t my typical style of blog post, but I thought it might be interesting to some.

Here’s my first camping spot. It was at a place with a typical Aussie name, Wooroonook, located near Charlton, Victoria, Australia. There was a lake and camping was permitted around it.

I did manage to find a few birds to photograph.

We moved on to another remote spot called Green Lake, 10 kilometres south of Sea Lake. It was another ‘puddle’ of water. Even though it was a long weekend, just one speed boat with water skier was active. It was a very peaceful spot.

On the way we passed through a tiny town, whose claim to fame was this gum tree. Bullock’s Head was the name of this spot. Can you see the bullock’s head in the shape of the burl?

They had also been gifted this metal sculpture fish from the 2006 Commonwealth Games celebration. It was one of 72 giant fish sculptures that were on barge floating down the Murray River in Melbourne. 60 were offered to local councils across Victoria. Each fish represented a different country, The fish, the Nassau Groper represented Belize. How strange to see it out in the middle of nowhere!! The other 71 are scattered around the state.

7 thoughts on “Travelling Around.

  1. Really enjoyed this one Glenys. Haven’t ever found Wooroonook. Did find Green Lake near Sea Lake though. Did you see the Rainbow Bee-eaters there. I reckon the Bullock’s head is at Donald and the fish I’m not sure. I know there is one at Charlton but perhaps that is a different one. There is one at Cohuna of course. Don’t like to be picky but the Silo you labelled as Lascelles is actually Rosebery [and I’m not sure if I spelt that correctly]. Weather was great for a camping weekend. Love from Pa and me xx.


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    1. The Bee-eaters were shy. It was so windy any clever bird would find a sheltered spot and sleep!! I did. A very restful place, Green Lake and hardly anyone there.


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