Found you too.

Just along the track I found a few more ducks. They are also way too beautiful to be shot for ‘sport’. It is against the law to shoot this species. I hope the shooters will respect the law.

Sorry guys. Keeping your heads tucked away won’t save you either.

Can you spot the odd ones out?

Time to go

Duck shooting season is fast approaching. I hate it. These ducks are so defenceless. They were in an area that can be seen from the road and that makes them an obvious target when the season opens. Poor little things stand no chance.

Flying off interstate would be a better idea.

Instead they’re hanging around, even perching in trees, oblivious.

I love a duck

Thanks Audrey for this comment. The top two ducks are Australian Grey Teal, below is a Pacific Black Duck. I hope they won’t get blown away- soon to be fair game: Duck Season open – 8am on Wednesday 26 May 2021-Season close – 30 minutes after sunset on Monday 14 June 2021. Daily bag limit of five game ducks per day for the entire season.

I too, hope they survive.

Looking for Ducks

It’s mid-summer and not as many birds seem to be around, so we went off driving looking for a duck to photograph.

Eventually, we found one and some of its mates. It’s interesting that they are not the same type. There are a few wood ducks among the brightly colored lot, Australian Shelducks.

There was even a swan or two floating around. The ducks suddenly looked keen for a swim.

Just put a toe in first.

OK this one’s in a hurry. Watch out below.