Playing with focus.

This flower began as a tiny cutting that had interesting leaf shapes. I pinched a very tiny piece and carefully tended it on my windowsill, until it has grown and flowered. The flower is not really impressive but it is very different!

The first two pictures have interesting points of focus.

In my wheelbarrow….

It’s an old wheelbarrow, minus wheels, sitting on the ground, a container for this odd plant that I like a lot.

I was testing the camera after the zoom lens stopped zooming. Dr Google advised to throw it away. However my talented and patient husband took it all to pieces and put it back together, minus a tiny piece of broken plastic, smaller than a rice grain. It now zooms again.

Just as well it was fixed. I love my cheap Macro zoom!

For Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge (FOTD)

All alone in a field

Our neighbour stopped the rather large tractor to call my attention to a single poppy standing tall in the field of oats he was mowing. It was a threatening afternoon, the clouds heavy, rain was forecast and the wind was making it almost impossible to take a photo. The poppy was throwing itself in every direction as the wind caught it.

It must have been self sown. Occasionally they pop up in that area of the farm. The flower was delicate and beautiful.

Up close it was a work of art.

The promise of more next year.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge (FOTD)


I’m trying to experiment with focusing. I’m just starting to understand some of the challenges.

In this shot I focused on the front of the flower and captured a strange shaped that resembles a tongue sticking out.

I love the contrast between the dome shape in the centre and differing texture around. They look a bit like eyes.

This one has a texture like crochet or embroidery in the centre.