All alone in a field

Our neighbour stopped the rather large tractor to call my attention to a single poppy standing tall in the field of oats he was mowing. It was a threatening afternoon, the clouds heavy, rain was forecast and the wind was making it almost impossible to take a photo. The poppy was throwing itself in every direction as the wind caught it.

It must have been self sown. Occasionally they pop up in that area of the farm. The flower was delicate and beautiful.

Up close it was a work of art.

The promise of more next year.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge (FOTD)


I’m trying to experiment with focusing. I’m just starting to understand some of the challenges.

In this shot I focused on the front of the flower and captured a strange shaped that resembles a tongue sticking out.

I love the contrast between the dome shape in the centre and differing texture around. They look a bit like eyes.

This one has a texture like crochet or embroidery in the centre.


Black and white or Blanco y negro?

in Spanish it’s white and black…

I wonder why we say black and white photography, not white and black photography? In Spain it’s white and black, yet it means the same thing. Either way, it is something that fascinates me and an area of photography that I am yet to explore.

This is a ranunculi. It’s white! The dots were specks of grass clippings thrown up by the lawn mower.

I wondered what it might look like in ‘Black and White’. Quite a contrast, but I like the dreamy whiter one better. Probably the only time I wished the lawn hadn’t got mown!

Pink Mystery

I had no idea what this flower is. Thanks to Agata 40thousandkm for identifying it as a forest lily (veltheimia bracteata)…

It’s in a pot and there is only one flower stalk.

It is swelling and the bells are starting to open up.

I wonder whether it will ever be all opened up. I’ll keep watching.

Cactus Macro

It was fascinating. But I was worried that when concentrating and looking through the view finder, I might not be able to judge my distance away from this prickly character. Especially with the new tube attached making the lens longer.

I’m still learning to manipulate the functions of my camera, (despite having had it for years). I must have got over enthusiastic, because this shot (below) was, I admit, totally accidental. I wish it wasn’t! It’s just a double exposure, but to me it looks like little satellites surround the plant.

This shot is effective in black and white. Those thorns are sharp. I think I got a few in focus.