Rain is forecast tomorrow. The clouds are building up in the sky. You can feel it in the air. At last! Our neighbours and ourselves have been scurrying about, finishing the last of the autumn tasks, before the rain and therefore lack of access due to wet paddocks.

We’ve been burning cutting some wood for winter and burning the rubbishy sticks left over.

So it inspired me to play around with an abstract photo, that reflected the colours of my day. Here it is. The last of the autumn blooms, in burning colours.

Also for Cee’s Flower of the Day (FOTD) Challenge

After the rain

I woke up to more rain, just a lazy drizzle. Yesterday it poured. That was welcome relief from the worry that we desperately need rain for the latest crop to get growing. Today, it’s gloomy and depressing. I braved the miserable weather to have a look around. Nature was enjoying the weather.

Blossom on the almond tree at this time of the year? Is it my imagination or do trees do this? I’ve always thought it a little ironic that the blossom seems to emerge at the same time as the rain washes the flowers away. Won’t be long and it will be spring. I went back inside, much cheerier and up the stairs to see what was happening up there in the studio.