Pine Tree

I recently bought a pine tree. It came with the property! I guess it will provide some shade in summer. It’s at the very corner of the property.

Banquette anyone?

I learnt a new word while searching the Internet last night, a banquette. To make a very long story shorter, my husband and I are renovating an old building and we were looking for a creative and useful way to cover an ugly section of wall. I thought I had an original solution, but I didn’t. Turns out it’s called a banquette. We haven’t made it yet, so you’ll have to consult Mr Google to see what it is. Still, I what I have in mind, is a little different from anything I saw. It will start with this wood. It is sourced from the demolition of an old house. We are stripping back some of the many paint layers. I was fascinated by the colour and texture that’s emerging. I think we might leave it quite raw.

It starts with lots of coats of thick paint.

And transforms to

I just love the colors. It will be an interesting project. I’ll keep you posted.


In the past week this tree has suddenly blossomed. It is absolutely stunning. I have no idea what sort of a tree it is. It will be interesting to see what develops. Any guesses?