Family portrait

Yesterday, I posted a pic, introducing a new visitor to my front yard. Here he is again, with some cold, lazy friends

Wake up and stand up properly, guys.

Here’s the formal photo of the rest of his family/friends.

Have you heard the expression ducks in a row? Well, here are pelicans on a log, in a row.

Look who has come to visit

I have had a break from taking photos. I’d forgotten what a thrill it is to capture the moment in the lens. I’ve been very busy and there just did hasn’t been the usual number of birds around for a while. I’ve speculated about why this is the case. Perhaps the unusually wet weather around Australia has tempted them to go exploring and visit other areas, while food is plentiful. I’m hoping that other theories of disease and general bird numbers declining are incorrect.

I love these birds. I can watch them for hours, while they, in turn, watch me!! I think that this is a youngster. He was posing out the front of my house, showing off to announce his arrival. He knew I was there. I’m so glad he and his friends are back.