The day before I found the Bee-eater pictured in the last post I went out looking for photo opportunities and took these of bee-eaters less than a kilometre away from my house. They have been returning after a winter absence and I love to see them flitting around flashing their amazing wing colours. I wonder if these are related to the one I found. They look identical to me. My foundling has survived another day, but still doesn’t seem to be able to fly. He’s safe in my glass house.


Yesterday I took some photos of bee-eaters, which I haven’t got around to publishing yet. So imagine my surprise to find this little fellow on the ground outside my window. I have not observed any of these close to the house and I had never been this close to one. Usually they’re so skittish they instantly fly away. So I stood mesmerised, just looking in wonder at its beauty. Then I noticed the cat was also staring nearby, with very obvious intent. The cat and I hopped around the rose bushes trying to catch it. Luckily I was able to scoop up the little bird before the cat reached it! Just…

As I took it inside the g’kids told me that it had “flown right into the window and made quite a bang”. It must have been quite stunned because it was unable to fly away. It rested for a while on my kitchen bench, and seemed to recover somewhat. I have released it into my glasshouse. It will be safe from the cats and I’m hoping that it can catch insects and recover some more. Tomorrow, if it can fly I’ll let it out.

Azure Kingfisher

This little visitor stayed around for a few day. He was by the roadside at a water inlet. It was exciting to see him each time I drove past. He did keep his distance, making it difficult to take photos. He stayed on ‘the other side’ of a little pool so I couldn’t sneak up on him. Then, he disappeared.