Beginning macro

Tulips became the subjects for my mucking around. I got some very unusual views.

Loving the water drops from the hose, just before I took the pictures.

The white ones also had a shower.

Closer up, you might not recognise the flowers as tulips.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day

Red Tulip

But I have always thought that these tulips must have had names. They were red, and orange and red, and red and orange and yellow, like the ember in a nursery fire of a winter’s evening. I remember them.
― Neil Gaiman,”Coraline”

Red tulips represent true love. Red evokes passion and romance.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge.

The Colour of Tulips

Tulips are grow in almost every colour. Each colour symbolizes something different. Some are a single colour and some are multi coloured, sometimes with two colours on each petal. The generally symbolize perfect or deep love.

Odd facts about tulips

There are over 3000 varieties

They’re part of the lily family.

In the 1600s they were said to cost 10 times more than a working man’s average salary in the Netherlands, making them more expensive than some homes

Red tulips are the most popular.

This one lived up to expectations. It is pure white. It symbolizes foregiveness.

I wonder what colour this one will be.

For Cee Neuner’s FOTD Challenge

FOTD Photo Challenge

It’s raining. All day. Rarely happens here.

Found Cee’s Photo Challenge blog and it kept me busy for the day. I’m new to all of this. I dusted off the old camera and had some fun. It’s a cyclamen that just happened to be on my kitchen table. It was dim, so I had to play around with lighting. Flowers are amazing up close.

This was a rather steep learning curve for me. I’ve dabbled in photography and made a few picture books, but I really haven’t done much with my camera except use the auto functions. I loved seeing pictures look good, but it’s usually just luck and persistance. Now I have time, I want to gain a better understanding of how it all works together. I’m trying to slow down and being a little more deliberate about my choices.

I also learnt to use Gimp to put a water mark on the photo. I have struggled to understand how to use Gimp. I was glad to read a review that said it wasn’t all that easy and not exactly intuitive, because I thought I was slipping! Layers have always been an alien concept. But I did it, even if I have to quietly admit that I have spent the best part of the last week trying to work out how to insert a copyright symbol! It’s actually quite simple, once you know how.