Look who has come to visit

I have had a break from taking photos. I’d forgotten what a thrill it is to capture the moment in the lens. I’ve been very busy and there just did hasn’t been the usual number of birds around for a while. I’ve speculated about why this is the case. Perhaps the unusually wet weather around Australia has tempted them to go exploring and visit other areas, while food is plentiful. I’m hoping that other theories of disease and general bird numbers declining are incorrect.

I love these birds. I can watch them for hours, while they, in turn, watch me!! I think that this is a youngster. He was posing out the front of my house, showing off to announce his arrival. He knew I was there. I’m so glad he and his friends are back.

They’re back

So am I. I’ve been preoccupied with my renovations. It seems to have consumed every waking minute , sadly no time for photos. Now, my 105 plus sq metres of tiling is done. I even added a hearth.

This morning three pelicans taunted me when I went to get into the car on the way to town. I snapped a quick pic and told them I would be back tomorrow if it wasn’t raining.

The birds are moving in!

I’ve noticed this chap (I assume) hanging about out front. He seems to be getting bolder and bolder. I couldn’t believe how close he came to the house. And what was surprising is how close he let me get to photograph him. He couldn’t really think he was well protected by a few little grasses. I kept creeping closer and closer and he didn’t seem to care. And that was only the beginning of our relationship. Wait for tomorrow’s photos.

Pelicans landing in the water

I posted some fights of some Pelicans that Audrey said resembled jumbo jets in the air. I have to agree.

However I have a few other flight angles here to compare.

This one at full stretch, dainty, almost elegant

This one’s landing successfully, easing on to the water with a splash

This one, watch out, I’m coming down. for a tight landing. Miss the tree, miss the stumps, miss my friends They don’t look all that phased.