My friends

I will add lots of pics to this page as I introduce my friends. Click on the links to go to the posts.

I made a crow first and then altered the pattern to make a colorful imaginary bird. It usually lives in a birdcage. The Crow swings above it and scares off little birds who want to nest under my verandah. This one must have flown off to look at my roses

This doll was designed by Jane Coughlan, a doll designer from New Zealand and made by me. The pattern was called Beach Babe on her Side. I added the bathing hat and the flowers. It taught me about creating body shapes from fabric. Considering they’re sewn inside out and turned out later, that’s more difficult than you might imagine. She is made from a stretchy body fabric.

These three were made from a pattern I found in a Handmade magazine, entitled Dave the Reindeer. They’re really quick to make and take on a variety of personalities. I must admit, I think of them more as rabbits than reindeer.

The latest reindeer, suffering through Covid times

The doll in the pink dressing gown was designed by Lynne Butcher, from a pattern called ‘The Missus’. Mostly, my dolls take on characteristics of their own, whether I start with a pattern or not. “The Missus'”gentleman friend for example, just evolved. (Is it coincidence that he bears a very strong resemblance to someone I know quite well?!!!