Blooming Irises

My irises are out in all their glory. This little patch are all the same.

These two have decided to mix it up a bit. They are hanging out in another part of the garden.

These yellow ones are also quite striking.

This one though is a little shy.

This more intensely colored one is a water iris. I saved some seed from some wild ones in the creek, and now they perpetuate themselves quite willingly.

These little guys look like they want to call it a day.

Also for Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge

What makes an iris an iris?

Theses are bearded irises.

Do you know why these are called bearded irises? It’s because these plants have beards. The beards are the hairy bits on the falls. On the irises below they are yellow colored.

What are the falls? They falls are the three petals that fall downwards from the centre of the flower. The three petals standing up are called standards.

Only bearded iris have beards. There are other types of iris. Crested iris, for example, have crests. Not to be confused with beards, crests are hairless raised ridges. Irises without beards or crests are called beardless irises.

This one looks menacing!!!

For Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge.

Flowering in my garden

Wandering around my garden today, another clivia. This one much better behaved than the orange one, that was hiding a leak in the pipes. Click here.

This little red pig face popped out in my glasshouse. It’s only a cutting. Its colour is amazing.

An iris, splashing a little yellow.