It’s cold tonight

Zero degrees, or less, is predicted. It’s already very chilly. Just enjoyed an outdoor hot tub which was even more appreciated because grandson no 2, (who lives with us) took it upon himself to collect the wood and keep a fire going all day, by himself, so we could enjoy it. Thank you lockdown. The g’kids have time off school to be helpful.

If I was a pelican, I would be enjoying this sheltered spot, cozying up with a friend. Like this.

Keep your head down

It was chilly. The pelicans tucked their heads away and shivered!

Here are two headless ones.

Did I mention it was also windy. The pelicans were gathered in this corner of the swamp. Perhaps it was marginally warmer. Having been on a dairy farm, I noticed that cows always turn their backs to the wind. Apparently horses face the wind. There are lots of ideas about wht this is so. I noticed in this picture the pelicans all faced the same way, well all except one. He hadn’t got the memo. Or maybe he was keeping lookout. When my guinea fowl are eating there always seems to be one, not eating, keeping a lookout for predators.

I had something in common with this little guy. We were both crouched over to stay warmer.

Ibis Rookery

At Box Bridge, near Kow Swamp

I’ve finally taken the time to look more carefully at what is all around me. I have learnt that there are three types of Ibis in Australia and two appear to be in the picture above. The white ones are just that, White ibis, once known as Sacred ibis and now affectionately known as “bin-chickens”. The darker birds are straw-necked ibis. They have straw like feathers on the front of their necks. The third type, The Glossy Ibis I have yet to see.

Gathering along every edge of the water
A single image doesn’t do the numbers justice

They were everywhere. For some reason unknown to me they have congregated at this particular spot this year. Other years have seen them gathering in different locations in the area. There are huge numbers of them.

Day out for the camera

It was a wild and windy day. Things looked a little odd.

Met this guy along the way, said hi and kept on.

Looked down to see a square flower

Kow Swamp looked univiting.

Found all these poor pelicans sheltering from the wind in Kow Swamp. They didn’t seem to have any heads!

Look closely,

Time to fly out of here.

Think I might just hop on out. If I can…..