I love a duck

Thanks Audrey for this comment. The top two ducks are Australian Grey Teal, below is a Pacific Black Duck. I hope they won’t get blown away- soon to be fair game: Duck Season open – 8am on Wednesday 26 May 2021-Season close – 30 minutes after sunset on Monday 14 June 2021. Daily bag limit of five game ducks per day for the entire season.

I too, hope they survive.


Spotted this big bird during my visit to my sister in Warrnambool.


I love the smell of Lantana. I also love the flowers. In Australia it’s widely regarded as a nasty invasive weed. No wonder. Mine has just exploded with growth. It’s huge. I have only one plant and it hasn’t spread to anywhere nearby. I Prune it savagely to keep it under control. It’s well away from livestock. Apparently its poisonous. How can something so beautiful, have so many negative aspects?

For Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge (FOTD)

Miles from nowhere

The things you see!! It was a strange day. Unusually for this area, there was a build up of clouds, a promise of rain and a threat of flooding. It had been very dry. We were driving around on roads that would be impassable after even a light sprinkle of rain, taking photos of the wildlife. Very few people live out here.

The sky was different. There was an air of expectation. Suddenly we stopped, and backed up, to take this photo. What was that hanging in the dead tree?

I’m still not sure.