All alone in a field

Our neighbour stopped the rather large tractor to call my attention to a single poppy standing tall in the field of oats he was mowing. It was a threatening afternoon, the clouds heavy, rain was forecast and the wind was making it almost impossible to take a photo. The poppy was throwing itself in every direction as the wind caught it.

It must have been self sown. Occasionally they pop up in that area of the farm. The flower was delicate and beautiful.

Up close it was a work of art.

The promise of more next year.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge (FOTD)

It’s a Darter.

Some call it a snake bird. It’s more accurately called an Australasian Darter.

I love its beak. It’s like a spear and I wouldn’t like to be a fish in its path.

It looked impressive when it spread its wings and took to flight.

Here’s one a little further along the creek. It was eating in a quiet little spot. They spear their fish and eat underwater. This one stayed under the water for a long time. You can see with their long necks that stick out of the water, why they are referred to as snake birds.

Day out for the camera

It was a wild and windy day. Things looked a little odd.

Met this guy along the way, said hi and kept on.

Looked down to see a square flower

Kow Swamp looked univiting.

Found all these poor pelicans sheltering from the wind in Kow Swamp. They didn’t seem to have any heads!

Look closely,

Time to fly out of here.

Think I might just hop on out. If I can…..


This tiny little bird is absolutely beautifully colored. It is called a Rainbow Bee-eater. The colors are intense, especially when it flies. I’m sill to take a picture of it in flight. It moves really quickly.

Red Rumped Parrot

Taking photographs of birds is not easy! I had a lovely day today, trying to photograph birds. I learnt a lot and learnt that I have lots more to learn…

Here are some photos of this Red Rumped Parrot. I find it difficult to find the birds in the lens, let alone focus the shot. But at least I can recognise this bird now. He’s got a red patch on his rump.