A very cheeky fellow who was lurking around my barge. My barge floats on the lagoon. It’s a little like a floating caravan or a very small house. There must be lots of fish in the water around and under it because this pelican was having a feast. He was so distracted that he let me take lots of photos.

The birds are moving in!

I’ve noticed this chap (I assume) hanging about out front. He seems to be getting bolder and bolder. I couldn’t believe how close he came to the house. And what was surprising is how close he let me get to photograph him. He couldn’t really think he was well protected by a few little grasses. I kept creeping closer and closer and he didn’t seem to care. And that was only the beginning of our relationship. Wait for tomorrow’s photos.

Shed visitor

This little one and it’s friend obviously didn’t know the Covid restrictions and came to visit in the shed.(I think they’re Striated Pardalotes.) This was good because they spent a great deal of time flitting around while I tried to capture them in an infrequent still moment. I did finally manage to capture them, and a lot of cobwebs, but it required some patience because these two were rarely still for even a moment.

Loving Succulents

Here is a little color on the final day of winter. This poor plant has struggled through WInter. I’ve seen lots of them absolutely thriving, so I’m hoping it will go ahead and develop during Springtime. The tyre, just in case you’re wondering, is protection from the rabbits.

This one hasn’t flowered yet.