Missing the birds

Spring and summer was a wonderful time with so many birds nesting along the creek. Here are two that have had their young ones and left the nests.

Up close it doesn’t seem all that soft and comfortable.

A different nest with mum and dad deep in conversation

Out front

Cormorant… We went for a drive looking for birdlife. I found this one showing a bit of tail feather, in the lagoon out front.

He was posing quite proudly for me.

Red Browed Finch

This tiny little finch likes the seeds on my Judas Tree. It’s only about 10cm long and is really shy, so I was thrilled to be able to sneak up on it and take its picture.


Swamp Hens

These little guys and many of their friends live along the bank of the lagoon out in front of my house and are constant visitors to my garden. They’re always quiet and well-behaved. They don’t make a mess or scratch around and they’re very cute.

Looking for Ducks

It’s mid-summer and not as many birds seem to be around, so we went off driving looking for a duck to photograph.

Eventually, we found one and some of its mates. It’s interesting that they are not the same type. There are a few wood ducks among the brightly colored lot, Australian Shelducks.

There was even a swan or two floating around. The ducks suddenly looked keen for a swim.

Just put a toe in first.

OK this one’s in a hurry. Watch out below.