Fishing spot

This spot is about half a kilometre from my house. I drive past many times a day as it is on the way to the highway and bus stop for the grankid’s school bus. It must be a great fishing spot. However, it’s only the birds that seem to realise! I always look carefully to see who is lurking about. Here’s the latest visitor.


I spotted this is in a garden I drove past and loved it. I haven’t seen any of mine this year. I might have neglected them too much.

Baby water hen.

We have lots of these Purple Swamphens that wander around the farm and on the waterways. I’ve never gone looking for their nests or bothered to look for the babies. This baby is black and I found it, by accident, using the big camera lens. I thought the water hens looked lovely, so I decided to take a few snaps. It wasn’t until I focused the camera that I noticed the black shape. I waited until I could get them all into the photo.


I have a lovely wisteria vine outside my kitchen window. It has been raining last week and this is the last of the amazing white flowers that it has produced.