Water tank

In my backyard I have an old concrete water tank that supplies my drinking water. Its other purpose is home to my climbing roses. When we run out of rain water a very brave water delivery man must meet the challenge of climbing the tank and finding the inlet opening. I often have a difficult choice; water or roses. I generally, and very reluctantly, take pity and prune out a gap.

Today it was windy. Actually that is an understatement; it was blowing a gale. I managed to take some pictures of the roses, but they were being blown around by the wind.

Both the red and white roses are old fashioned singles. Their beauty is pure and simple. Their perfume is heavenly.

Sadly the white rose puts on a magnificent show but it is only fleeting. It only blooms for a very short period of time. The red rose keeps producing flowers for much longer.

Rain outside and inside…..

Ir rained. It happens but rarely. When I checked my glasshouse in the morning I noticed that each of my new garlic seedlings had a single droplet of condensation on their tip. I thought it was worth a picture.

While I was there I took a picture of my latest achievement. These are my canna seedlings that I struggled with previously. Click here. I have some more in individualised trays. These are the ones I didn’t think would grow. I just buried them all just in case. I think one of my tomato seeds must have dropped in too.

Flowering in my garden

Wandering around my garden today, another clivia. This one much better behaved than the orange one, that was hiding a leak in the pipes. Click here.

This little red pig face popped out in my glasshouse. It’s only a cutting. Its colour is amazing.

An iris, splashing a little yellow.


A sign of neglect or a thing of beauty? I call them Irish lace, although I believe the more common term is Irish curtain. I like Irish Lace. It’s also a sign of good luck. Look the leprechauns have left me some presents.

These cobwebs appeared on a garden decoration while I wasn’t looking. I like the way they have followed the circular pattern, almost looking like a part of the design.

This is another view. The garden sculpture contraption is made out of farm bits and pieces and moves with the wind.

Another web (below) was interesting in that it was a bit of a failure for the spider. It looks to have collected only one small insect in the top right hand corner. The rest of it is small bits of whatever was blowing in the wind.

Black and white or Blanco y negro?

in Spanish it’s white and black…

I wonder why we say black and white photography, not white and black photography? In Spain it’s white and black, yet it means the same thing. Either way, it is something that fascinates me and an area of photography that I am yet to explore.

This is a ranunculi. It’s white! The dots were specks of grass clippings thrown up by the lawn mower.

I wondered what it might look like in ‘Black and White’. Quite a contrast, but I like the dreamy whiter one better. Probably the only time I wished the lawn hadn’t got mown!

Pink Mystery

I had no idea what this flower is. Thanks to Agata 40thousandkm for identifying it as a forest lily (veltheimia bracteata)…

It’s in a pot and there is only one flower stalk.

It is swelling and the bells are starting to open up.

I wonder whether it will ever be all opened up. I’ll keep watching.

Cat among the tulips

Cats Beware!!!

He knows something you might not. Did you know that tulips are toxic to cats? Have a look at what they did to this cat! He’s been sitting there literally stoned, for many, many years.

What are you looking at?

Seriously, the bulbs are apparently where the real danger lurks, but any part of the plant can cause harm. The cat doesn’t have to consume very much for it to be a lethal dose.

Mind you this cat has shown no symptoms. He could have been affected by the allergenic lactones, that might have caused vomiting, diarrhoea and depression, even death. But wait, he is looking a little depressed. His ears are definitely not in a happy way.

A dark red tulip

So be careful, the dangerous dosage is less than one leaf.

And if that’s not bad enough… That beautiful bouquet of tulips on the table contains yet another threat.. If your poor old moggie takes a drink from the vase, he could be ingesting poison in the water.

They’e poisonous to other animals as well. But that’s another post…