It’s a Platypus … in the wild

A series of shots of an Australian Platypus.

These animals are extremely shy. I couldn’t believe my luck when this one just appeared. I knew it existed but I’d never seen it so close before. It lives in the lagoon, literally just over the track from my front door. I’d had a large glass of wine and gone outside with my camera to enjoy the evening.

It all happened so quickly….. and then he just disappeared under the water.

Lovely Lantana

I’m almost ashamed to admit that this beautiful flower is a “Weed of National Significance’ in my state and I love it in my garden. It’s classified as a poisonous weed. Personally, I haven’t found it to be invasive, although it is thriving here where mostly it’s a struggle to get plants to survive. It is toxic to animals, but the bees seem to love it – so that’s another plus.


I wonder what this conversation is about….

The fuzzy bird is the young one demanding food from a parent.

Please, come on, hurry up, I’m starving.

What’s this all about?

Such a sweet young thing.

Eye spy

Eye spy with my little eye, something hiding in a burrow.

No, don’t notice me. Maybe if I stay here really still I’ll be safe.

Or maybe not!

Bee-eaters in the air

I finally managed to capture a bee-eater in flight. These two got my attention. One would fly off, presumably to catch a bug, and then return to the other. Maybe it was feeding it because they seemed to share the food. After a while I realised that if I just waited and held my breath, with my finger on the button, eventually I might be able to catch one in flight.

Needless to say, I have many pics of a single bird, having been too slow or simply missing my chance. But I’m so pleased to have these.