Summer and Sunflowers

I can’t believe that Spring has passed so quickly. Summer is beginning to heat up and my Sunflowers are in various stages of growth.

Here’s a shy one, almost flowering.

The flower buds are beautiful too

Beautiful, even in black and white.

But best of all is the the colour of the flower in full bloom.

As I was weeding today…

As I was weeding today, I noticed these flowers in my garden.

In spring I threw out a packet of meadow seeds and watered them regularly until they emerged. The packet contained mixed seed. Mostly the poppies seem to to be outnumbering everything else. I found an old sunflower that I had kept and edged the plot with its seeds. In hindsight, that was dumb because the sunflowers hide the poppies and all the rest. So in the midst of the garden these had established a home for themselves.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day (FOTD) Challenge

Canna Lilies

I tried to grow Canna Lilies once and gave up. They might have been too dry. Last year I planted them in a spot where I couldn’t forget that they existed. They got plenty of water and did very well. I took seed and am growing some more in my glass house. This orange flower with the striking leaves is my favorite this week.

The flower is also very bright and eye catching.

I also have some red ones flowering at the moment. Perhaps I should have separated them. They may be growing too close together. The bronze leaves below are the orange variety. My grape is benefitting from the extra care the Cannas are getting.