After Christmas Tree

This year I made a Christmas tree out of succulent pieces.

It seems to be doing well. I’ve been keeping it moist. Maybe the cuttings are actually growing. I wonder what it will look like next Christmas?

Last day of winter

Busy, busy, busy.

How can I remember to label my seedlings? I’m not sure what these are. What’s worse is I have lots more of them, these are the left overs.

I vaguely remember saving one of my last tomatoes. They grew well and produced tomatoes over a very long season. I remember extracting the seeds and leaving them on kitchen paper to dry out by the sink. Then I forgot about them. When I found them they were dried up and I had little hope that they would grow. But, I scurried out to the glasshouse and dumped them on some seed raising mix. So, they may be tomatoes. But there’s a chance that I might have put some capsicum seeds in, so they might be peppers. I guess time will tell.

I’m trying to become more organised. I always think I’ll remember which are which, but I have resorted to labels.

This is my latest project. It was very overgrown and it was decided to plant a post amid the mess. The post is for another project. I decided to cut back some old lavender and daisies. I got carried away and now have some space for something new.

I finally found a purpose for these rusty old wheels. Hopefully the succulents will be able to withstand the summer hear. We’ll see.

I have some tiny hollyhocks growing in the glass house. I think I’ll run some string along between the two posts and plant them there. They should grow to be a tall backdrop.

Between starting to clean up the garden and finally getting back to it, soem Californian poppies have popped up, self sown. I’ll leave them there and see how invasive they are.