Shades of brown

I don’t know what happened to these two plants. The weather can be harsh here. It is winter and we’ve had some frosts. My gardening care is sometimes lacking. It’s a famine or a feast, over watering and under watering. I can’t strike the right balance. It comes from love and a sense of guilt. If plants look a little seedy, (excuse the pun), I rush into action often making the problem worse.

I suspect that this time I sprayed some sort of magical horticultural product on their foliage and, well, observe the result. It was supposed to feed them and promote lush growth. Maybe they’re in shock. The first was a lovely lily. It was just past its best, but sadly has been going downhill for a while. Its beautiful white flower, (only the one), developed these brown stains on both sides. I think it is still beautiful in its own way.

But, my potted gardenia seems to be suffering more. It is so finicky. It doesn’t take much for it for it to threaten death. Until now, it has recovered.

I did feel a pang of guilt and stupidity when it last turned up it’s toes. I realised last summer than the air conditioner was pumping out hot air and it was in its direct path. That combined with the general heat was too much for it. I apologised to it, moved it away and nursed it back to health. This time I’m not sure of the cause, maybe the liquid fertiliser spray or maybe the frost or it might be under attack from bugs. Whatever; no flowers this year.

I should probably throw them away and replace them. But, I develop a strange attachment to my plants, so I will persevere. Hopefully, I will be able to put up some photos of them post recovery.

To prune or not to prune

In Australia, the general advice is to prune roses in June or July, after they have finished flowering. It is now July the first, so the time is right. Right? It always worries me, too early, too late, what do I do? The danger is frost. Frost can damage the canes of recently pruned roses. See my last post! We had frost! The weather here is so unpredictable. I’m hoping that the weather people have got it right when they said the frosts should ease of in our area for the next few weeks. The poor old plants were looking very sad. I don’t need gloom in my garden, there’s enough in the world around me. So, they can just take their chances. Off with their heads and other plant body parts.

A few late bloomers protested by looking beautiful, on their way to Rose Heaven. Sorry, I’m not saving you lot. You’ve caused me enough pain with all those thorns. You must be incinerated along with all your friends. You had a nasty case of black spot. We’ll blame the weather for that too. I’m not altogether heartless. I did save a few of your more attractive friends for one last vase. I have to say, I’m a little embarrassed to post their picture. I hope you can all do better in spring time. I’m looking forward to another wonderful and long lasting display. That is if you survive till then. At least you’re not in danger from COVID. Be happy with your lot in life.

For the record, the birds nest was empty.