Shades of brown

I don’t know what happened to these two plants. The weather can be harsh here. It is winter and we’ve had some frosts. My gardening care is sometimes lacking. It’s a famine or a feast, over watering and under watering. I can’t strike the right balance. It comes from love and a sense of guilt. If plants look a little seedy, (excuse the pun), I rush into action often making the problem worse.

I suspect that this time I sprayed some sort of magical horticultural product on their foliage and, well, observe the result. It was supposed to feed them and promote lush growth. Maybe they’re in shock. The first was a lovely lily. It was just past its best, but sadly has been going downhill for a while. Its beautiful white flower, (only the one), developed these brown stains on both sides. I think it is still beautiful in its own way.

But, my potted gardenia seems to be suffering more. It is so finicky. It doesn’t take much for it for it to threaten death. Until now, it has recovered.

I did feel a pang of guilt and stupidity when it last turned up it’s toes. I realised last summer than the air conditioner was pumping out hot air and it was in its direct path. That combined with the general heat was too much for it. I apologised to it, moved it away and nursed it back to health. This time I’m not sure of the cause, maybe the liquid fertiliser spray or maybe the frost or it might be under attack from bugs. Whatever; no flowers this year.

I should probably throw them away and replace them. But, I develop a strange attachment to my plants, so I will persevere. Hopefully, I will be able to put up some photos of them post recovery.

2 thoughts on “Shades of brown

  1. I think your peace lily is just done with its flower, simply cut it at its base. Gardenias like it cool, yet humid, with evenly moist soil and prefer an acidic fertilizer. In a pinch, you could give it some cooled black tea. It may have spider mites, too. (Look on the underside of leaves for small light-coloured ‘dots’ that move). If it has bugs you can dip it into a tub of soapy tepid water and rinse. Repeat weekly until pests are gone. Good luck!


    1. Hi Eliza. Thanks for the thoughts. I think you’re right. The peace lily is just done. I gave the gardenia a pot of tea already. Maybe a whole pot was over doing it. I didn’t think about washing the leaves. I’ll go and do it now. Cheers


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