In Australia there is a wonderful award winning, animated TV show called Bluey, about a Blue Healer puppy, her mum, dad and sister. As we were driving today, south of Pyramid Hill, we passed some decorated hay bales, portraying the characters. The farmer has produced some other very clever displays, for Queen’s Birthday and Anzac Day

Allowed out – at last

The easing of Covid restrictions saw us hop in the car to visit relatives, a 6 hour drive away to the coast. What a treat!!

On the way, we passed these rather odd hay bales. I guess they must have been for the Queen’s Birthday weekend. back in June. I haven’t been out since long before then. To see the farmer’s previous efforts in a past post click here.

Love the queen!

When we got there, the beach was quite deserted

Even the usually frantic beachside cafe was quiet.

And my better half was really enjoying the day!