Why blog?

I’ll always remember my brother-in-law, Richard’s words when he came to visit Australia many years ago. He was in awe of the space we have here to live in. He made me feel guilty that I had so much; acres of relatively unspoilt environment, when he’d travelled the rest of the world extensively and observed it to have way too many people struggling to survive with their lot. He was envious. I haven’t always seen it that way. The climate is harsh, dry in summer. Water is scarce, and nature seems to want to take back ownership, under its rule. It can be lonely. It can be threatening. It can be a struggle too in its own way. Having grown up in a city, I often yearned for what I missed. As the COVID crisis continues, I am acutely aware that I am so lucky to live where I live. It’s beauty is unique and the isolation is comforting. I’m enjoying sharing it here.

I’ve just returned home from travelling 6 hours south to the coast to visit family. It was the first opportunity to travel that I’ve had, since the COVID crisis. The country is so vast and sparsely populated, I saw very few people on the journey. On the way I passed these hay bales. Someone has gone to a great deal of effort. We celebrated Anzac Day, back in April. These represent the Australian soldiers lost in the war. Love their slouch hats made from corregated iron.

I went to Portland. It’s so different to where I live. Colder and damper. I visited the only mainland Gannet Colony at Point Danger. The misty rain added to the beauty.

The gannets huddled together on a lonely spot near the water’s edge. Gannets look like really big seagulls.

Boof enjoyed the beach at Cape Bridgewater.

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