More shots of the Spoonbills

Yesterday’s post had pics of two odd spoonbills. I took lots of pics so here are some more. I’m pleased with my shot of the two of them in flight. I watched a video on photography that said a ‘good’ shot should have them separated, but I like this one, even if it breaks this rule.

This one was taking off.

I also like this shot from behind that show off his bill.

Two Mismatched Spoonbills

Today, after taking the gran’kid to school we drove the long way home and passed these two spoonbills.

I had time to take lots of photos, but this one was my favorite. I’m not sure why their bills are different colours. I thought that meant they were two different species. The one with the black bills are Royal Spoonbills. The paler bill is the Yellow-billed Spoonbill. Maybe I’m wrong. Help me out here….