Two entertaining Spoonbills

I was very excited when I found these two Spoonbills chilling out in a place nearby where I could spy on them. I wish I could talk bird. I watched these two for ages (expect a lot of pictures!). They were probably discussing the fishing. I thought they were going to both dive in the water. I had my fonger on ready to snap the moment. It was ready set … BUt then one seemed to think better of the idea and they relaxed again.


I’ve worked hard all weekend and am very weary. Is this creature yawning? I am.

More shots of the Spoonbills

Yesterday’s post had pics of two odd spoonbills. I took lots of pics so here are some more. I’m pleased with my shot of the two of them in flight. I watched a video on photography that said a ‘good’ shot should have them separated, but I like this one, even if it breaks this rule.

This one was taking off.

I also like this shot from behind that show off his bill.