Winter solstice

I’m glad the winter solstice has come and gone… Hopefully it will be a little lighter when I drag myself out of bed in the morning, Although the solstice doesn’t mean the coldest days of the year, around here it has been particularly damp and gloomy, not at all condusive to taking photos outside.

I did manage to find a spiderweb and some particularly unattractive fruit. Come on Spring!

Here comes the sun

It only takes a few rays of sunshine to trick me into thinking its time to plant. Looking at the product info for my seeds in stock, I come up with this possible short list. I guess it is winter. Maybe a little too late for the hollyhock seeds, although I did see plants for sale yesterday. So I’ll give them a go in the green house.

Look – before and after

Firstly I had to clear a space on the shelves. There are a few pots hardening up, outside. I’m hoping they won’t be a frost tonight. I planted some really old scarlet runner beans. I doubt they’ll come up. I’ll love it if they do. And.. I planted 2 different varieties of peas, also from old seeds. But what’s the alternative, throw them away? I can’t do that. And…I found a packet of different varieties of basil. The packet says they can be planted at any time, I’m impatient, wish they would just sprout up..