Here comes the sun

It only takes a few rays of sunshine to trick me into thinking its time to plant. Looking at the product info for my seeds in stock, I come up with this possible short list. I guess it is winter. Maybe a little too late for the hollyhock seeds, although I did see plants for sale yesterday. So I’ll give them a go in the green house.

Look – before and after

Firstly I had to clear a space on the shelves. There are a few pots hardening up, outside. I’m hoping they won’t be a frost tonight. I planted some really old scarlet runner beans. I doubt they’ll come up. I’ll love it if they do. And.. I planted 2 different varieties of peas, also from old seeds. But what’s the alternative, throw them away? I can’t do that. And…I found a packet of different varieties of basil. The packet says they can be planted at any time, I’m impatient, wish they would just sprout up..

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