Arty Artichokes

A neighbour cautiously asked us why we were growing thistles in our vegetable patch. I planted a few artichokes ages ago, knowing next to nothing about the plant. I still know very little about artichokes. I do know they are extremely hardy; they have to be to survive in my garden. And, they self seed. I’ve got to say they share lots of characteristics to the thistles who occasionally pop up in the paddocks who very unwelcome intruders. In fact, apparently, these globe artichokes are an actual variety of thistle. You eat the flower buds.

Obviously, I missed eating some of the flowers and they have gone to seed. I will admit to really liking them on pizzas, when I get one from the pizza shop, but I haven’t had much success in my own kitchen. Any suggestions are welcome.

This single specimen was self seeded. It has just been trimmed back. I have been feasting on a circle of broccoli planted around it. Just one left now. They co-existed very well together.

I love the look of the seeds. They are soft and fluffy. I don’t love the mess they make if you try to clean them up.

The salvia are trying, but they can’t compete here. I think they will have to be moved.

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