Blue Mystery

I have been growing a few dwarf mondo grass plants in my glasshouse and I was most surprised to see these tiny little blue balls, almost hidden at the base of the plants. I guess they’re seeds. The colour is true to the picture, really vivid blue! At first I thought the grandkids must have been playing in the glasshouse and put M and Ms there. I did read on the internet that someone else had noticed them on theirs. They didn’t know whether the plants could be propagated from the seed.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day (FOTD)

A quick trip around my garden

This weekend I worked on the census for both days. That meant I missed two absolutely wonderful, almost Spring, days with my camera. So when I got home this afternoon I took a very quick trip around my neglected garden to see what I could see. I’m excited, I found my first rosebud for the season. Looking carefully at the pidture, I hope that’s not an aphid perched on the tip!


In the past week this tree has suddenly blossomed. It is absolutely stunning. I have no idea what sort of a tree it is. It will be interesting to see what develops. Any guesses?


I’ve worked hard all weekend and am very weary. Is this creature yawning? I am.