Combination of three

If I could combine three elements for my ‘ideal house’ I would have to have a palm tree, and maybe a jacaranda and of course an unusually shaped roof topped with a gargoyle. So when I spotted this house on a back road, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the state of Victoria, while I was disorientated looking for the most direct route to locate my ukulele playing friends…I did a u-turn and took these shots.

Love it!

Red Browed Finch

I watched this little finch and its mate hopping around outside my window. They seemed to be making a nest in amongst the wisteria. I took some photos through the closed window, hence the foggy appearance and lack of clarity in the photos. I really need to wash the windows! Then I tried to sneak up on them outside but they seemed very aware of my presence and wouldn’t come back into view. Hopefully, I will find time to sit and wait for a better shot.

Rock Lily

Rock lily (dendrobium speciosum ) is a small orchid native to Australia.

Photo from Carol Hall.

It is found growing on rocks in southern half of eastern coast. It flowers in spring with sprays of graceful blooms. This one originated from her mother in law and she had it for 40 years, growing in pots.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge