White winged Chough nest

The White Winged Chough builds these amazing mud nests. From a distance these birds look like crows, until they take off in flight. They have very noticeable white flashes on their wings.

They also have amazing red eyes,

And their long curved beaks look mean.

They live together in groups. We found quite a lot of these nesting along a stretch of bush track.

One day I will try to take photos of them when they leave their nests!


This tiny little bird is absolutely beautifully colored. It is called a Rainbow Bee-eater. The colors are intense, especially when it flies. I’m sill to take a picture of it in flight. It moves really quickly.

Red Rumped Parrot

Taking photographs of birds is not easy! I had a lovely day today, trying to photograph birds. I learnt a lot and learnt that I have lots more to learn…

Here are some photos of this Red Rumped Parrot. I find it difficult to find the birds in the lens, let alone focus the shot. But at least I can recognise this bird now. He’s got a red patch on his rump.

Ball of fluff

A Grey Shrike Thrush

This young one is so cute. It was sitting outside my kitchen window, perched on the wisteria.

The birds are noted for their song. This one looks very different to its parents. It’s still so fluffy

Grey birds

Did you know some birds use their wings to make sound?

This is a crested pigeon (Ocyphaps lophotes). It uses its feathers to communicate with other birds. They make noises when they fly, sometimes being called whistle-winged pigeons. The wings can make different notes, high notes signal danger. For more information click here.

Here’s another visitor. I need help identifying it.

It is a Noisy Miner. Eliza Waters, on the other side of the globe in Massachusetts, US, identified it from another Australian blogger’s site.

Pretty pest.

This Sulphur Crested Cockatoo was happily sitting among the blossoms in my tree. Don’t be deceived, cockatoos can be very destructive. They chew on the branches and in my large gum tree, they have denuded the ends of the branches and littered the ground with small pieces. They have even been known to vandalize houses. They gather together in large mobs and chew on timber, deckings and railings.

Luckily this one and his friend flew off when he noticed I was taking his photo. Camera shy!