The day before I found the Bee-eater pictured in the last post I went out looking for photo opportunities and took these of bee-eaters less than a kilometre away from my house. They have been returning after a winter absence and I love to see them flitting around flashing their amazing wing colours. I wonder if these are related to the one I found. They look identical to me. My foundling has survived another day, but still doesn’t seem to be able to fly. He’s safe in my glass house.

Azure Kingfisher

This little visitor stayed around for a few day. He was by the roadside at a water inlet. It was exciting to see him each time I drove past. He did keep his distance, making it difficult to take photos. He stayed on ‘the other side’ of a little pool so I couldn’t sneak up on him. Then, he disappeared.


I went out in search of a reported swan with her babies, on a cold and miserable afternoon. I couldn’t find the swan but there were plenty of ibis. I’m not pleased with my hurried snaps, so I’ll go again. They were beautiful.