Azure Kingfisher

This little visitor stayed around for a few day. He was by the roadside at a water inlet. It was exciting to see him each time I drove past. He did keep his distance, making it difficult to take photos. He stayed on ‘the other side’ of a little pool so I couldn’t sneak up on him. Then, he disappeared.


I went out in search of a reported swan with her babies, on a cold and miserable afternoon. I couldn’t find the swan but there were plenty of ibis. I’m not pleased with my hurried snaps, so I’ll go again. They were beautiful.

When I was a kid….

That was a long time ago. As I was processing this photo I had sudden vivid memories of the swap cards we used to collect. I had very few and each one was precious. Others I knew had hundreds. They were just cards with random photos. I loved them. I remember some were in ‘pairs’ and when these two photos appeared side by side on my screen, I was reminded of ‘pairs’. I think I even had some bird cards.

Just a bird

I’m camping and have very minimal internet. At least I have a chance to look at some photos I took before we set off. I rather like this drab colored bird, so here it is.

Thank you to Charlotte for identifying it as a Grey Shrike Thrush.

I wonder what’s happening at home.

I took the opportunity for a few days away in a caravan, after the last lockdown and perhaps before the next. (although I’m hoping there won’t be a ‘next’). Before I left I was very excited to see, not one, but two nests on the lagoon, about a tree away from where they were last year. Last year I followed some darter babies as they grew up. (Search for darter on this blog)

I have so many questions. Is it the same bird? Will she lay eggs again? Has she already? I didn’t want to spend too much time taking photos because I didn’t want to scare her away.

Stay tuned…. we’ll see what happens when I get back.

Two entertaining Spoonbills

I was very excited when I found these two Spoonbills chilling out in a place nearby where I could spy on them. I wish I could talk bird. I watched these two for ages (expect a lot of pictures!). They were probably discussing the fishing. I thought they were going to both dive in the water. I had my fonger on ready to snap the moment. It was ready set … BUt then one seemed to think better of the idea and they relaxed again.