In flight

Achievement unlocked!

It has been a year since I started this blog and one of my goals along the way was to be able to take some photos of birds in the air. When I began, I preferred subjects that stayed still. Even the wind blowing a flower around on a sunny day, was enough to frustrate me. So I’m proud to have captured these birds in flight… and to have reasonably clear focus. I’d have to admit that these are large subjects and they take off fairly slowly. being relatively easy to photograph. Now, the next challenge is the smaller birds, especially the ones that flit around, never staying still and hiding in trees or shrubs with lots of foliage to keep them safe.

Keep your head down

It was chilly. The pelicans tucked their heads away and shivered!

Here are two headless ones.

Did I mention it was also windy. The pelicans were gathered in this corner of the swamp. Perhaps it was marginally warmer. Having been on a dairy farm, I noticed that cows always turn their backs to the wind. Apparently horses face the wind. There are lots of ideas about wht this is so. I noticed in this picture the pelicans all faced the same way, well all except one. He hadn’t got the memo. Or maybe he was keeping lookout. When my guinea fowl are eating there always seems to be one, not eating, keeping a lookout for predators.

I had something in common with this little guy. We were both crouched over to stay warmer.

Soaring Overhead

It was a very cold and blustery day. I went off driving and spent some time at Kow Swamp, photographing pelicans. While I was there, shivering, I noticed this bird circling overhead. It was a dull day and I was disappointed in the colours, but I haven’t caught many photos of raptors in flight.

Look what I found

I was taking photos of birds long before I started my blog. Today Facebook showed me a memory from a trip around Australia, on this day six years ago and I was stunned with the bird photos. I had forgotten all about them. Aren’t photos wonderful for bringing back so many memories?

This was a bower bird nest in the middle of nowhere. How amazing are they?