Watch the birdie

playing around with black and white photography.

I’ve been reading about what makes a good black and white photograph. I’m finding it difficult to get my head around. But I’m happy with this.

I like it geometric feel. The bird was kind enough to pose at exactly the right angle. I like the different shades on the pipes and I love the flair of white on the beak and tail of the bird.

I could have rotated the photo to make the cross pipe exactly horizontal, but I like the slight angle leading the eye up to the bird.

In colour the same shot.

This guy couldn’t resist posing for me. He’s a very different character. I just love him.

I like him in black and white too.

wishing I had a better lens

30 posts into this blog, I’ve decided that I really enjoy it. I am enjoying sharing the environment where I live. It’s good to take the time to look around and appreciate where I live.

An unexpected bonus is that I also enjoy other people’s blogs. I love reading and comparing experiences. The other day, I was frustrated after looking at the rabbit damage on my farm. I stumbled on another farm blog where someone on the other side of the world was describing their problems with the rats and other animals I’ve had no experience with. I’m glad I only have rabbits and the odd wallaby!

I am blown way by some of the amazing photography. There are so many bloggers who produce stunning pictures. These pictures of birds illustrate my frustration. The birds are so small, when they could be the focus of the picture. My photos have generally been taken on my phone, which does do a reasonable job at times, but I can’t help thinking that it is time to dust off my ‘real’ camera and learn how to use it properly.

This lagoon is 15 metres from my front door, separated by a gravel road. It is home to a variety of bird and wildlife. These birds know no boundary between the lagoon and my garden. These are called Crested Pigeons.

The pattern in the gum tree is called a burl. It’s a deformed tree growth. The wood is prized by some wood workers.

Crested pigeon
Can you find the bird? I’m not sure what this one is..
There it is!!!