Black or brown duck

Today was hot, too hot be be outside so I took to my computer under the air con. I was organising my photos and hadn’t tagged this pic. OK, they’re ducks, but what sort???

They are called Pacific Black Ducks. That’s correct these brown ducks are actually brown. But wait. Look closer there is actually a strip of black on their faces. There is now, after I adjusted the color on the computer! No, really, it just looks black from a distance. That’s why there’re called Black Ducks

Speaking of colors, they also have a very aqua blue spot. It’s sort of hidden under their feathers, but when they spread their wings you can’t miss it. Look at the bottom duck.

And then I read that they’re actually called Grey Ducks in New Zealand. No wonder I get confused with all this bird stuff.

Life in Colour – Brown

For Heyjude’s Travel Words Challenge

Nature camouflages many animals using lots of shades of brown. Here’s a selection.

When you look. many animals blend in with the bark of trees.

Look closely

This bird was really hard to spot.

A very shy little bird

It took me a while to spot this nest perched up in another tree.

This rabbit was hiding in the shadows.

These brown ducks were happily in full view.

Taken today

Today was hot and humid. Most of the wildlife was quietly at rest, finding places to cool off. The pelican seemed happy just to cool off in the shallows.

It took me a while to realise this cockatoo was sitting above in the leaves just keeping an eye on me.

The duck also happy to sit around in the lagoon.

The turtle was just surfing, waiting for a wave that wouldn’t eventuate.

The hawk was just not bothered and keeping a wary eye out.