Pot watching

An old proverb says a watched pot never boils. In a previous post I mentioned I had planted some seeds. I’ve peeked in periodically, anxiously waiting for some progress. I was almost resigned to the fact that here was yet another seed tray, where I hadn’t provided the necessary care or skill, so they would never eventuate. Yes, blaming myself for their failure to germinate.

Take a close look at the seed tray. Is it possible that there is a tiny little shoot? Or maybe two? I dutifully sprinkled them with water, being careful not to flood them out. Grandchild number one, who was accompanying me at the time said, “Nan, I think it works better if you talk to them.” So, I said a few kind words and went off on my way.

I returned just before dark, curious to see whether there had , in fact, been any progress.

Thrilled! It doesn’t take much. There definitely has been some progress. Now I’m holding my breath and waiting. They should be hollyhocks. I have a spot in the garden just waiting for their arrival. I can’t wait.

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